your gluttonous guides

Hungry Expat:
Hungry Expat left her hometown of Dallas, Texas and moved abroad in 2010 for a career opportunity in development and human rights in East Africa. After being based in Nairobi for nearly five years, she moved to India where she currently resides in Gurgaon, a suburb of Delhi. She embarked on this global adventure as a child and has racked up visits to nearly 50 countries worldwide, including 15 countries in Africa as well as countries and towns throughout Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Asia.

A fairly inexperienced chef, Hungry Expat works to expand her cooking prowess and is frequently on the prowl for affordable dining options that negate the need for cooking. Tex-Mex, pasta, and cheese are her weaknesses, but she has an adventurous palate and will try just about anything put in front of her.

Curry Delight:
A sometimes unwilling participant in Hungry's escapades, Curry Delight is a regular commentator and lover of all things spicy. A single malt connoisseur originally from the Punjab region, Curry is a skilled cook who can whip up anything from a delicious daal of the north to a fluffy idili from the south as well as any other foreign cuisines you throw at him. Curry lived abroad in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Hanoi, Vietnam; and, most recently, Nairobi, Kenya before returning to home to India. He currently lives in Gurgaon and is enjoying reacquainting himself with the town and exploring the new nightlife that emerged over the past five years.

Guest Guides:

Cocktail Contessa:
Contessa hails from Sarasota, Florida where she returned in 2013 after living abroad in Egypt and Kenya for several years. Her desire to work in refugee resettlement and human rights is what drives her to drink and inspired her to perfect the art of the Bloody Mary making, amongst numerous other beverages. She has dined her way through countries in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe. Her favorite place to chow down is in India and she loves Middle Eastern cuisine, despite the lack of availability of alcoholic beverages in the region.

Rachel B:
Rachel returned to the motherland, Dallas, TX after working in Namibia for two years. She has traveled extensively throughout Africa and eaten her way through four other continents along the way. While she currently works Stateside as the Executive Director for an area nonprofit, she spends her spare time dining with good friends and frequenting the latest and greatest vegetarian friendly restaurants. Tex-Mex is her true love, but she also has an ongoing love affair with Vietnamese, Thai, Central American, and good old-fashioned American cuisine.