our hungry journey

This blog began as a commentary and review on nightlife and restaurants in and around Nairobi before Nairobi exploded with international restaurants and embraced westernized service ideals. While there was a handful of decent and affordable restaurants scattered throughout Nairobi in 2010, there was no one website that compiled reviews of these establishments (at the time) and review and travel sites were generally unreliable (typically written by picky tourists paying no mind to the fact they were not dining in their home country). We wanted to provide a service to locals and expats looking for a good eat, devoid of bias and free of Western expectations.

Formerly known as Nairobi Nights, the blog's creators initially changed the name to African Nights to better describe the growing variety of foodie destinations highlighted on the blog. The fact that our original title was commandeered by "Sue, a Kenyan prostitute growing her brand" was a contributing factor as well. The blog took another turn when, after nearly five years of living, traveling, and eating her way through the African continent, your hostess with the mostess, the Hungry Expat, moved to India. After a considerable break, the blog was relaunched in 2015 as the Diary of a Hungry Expat

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